My System Is Offline?

If your SHARP System is offline, please check your internet connection first. If the issue persists, contact our technical support team for assistance. 

Please note, if your system has a notice stating: “This System Is Offline” it means your subscription to SHARP has expired or the invoice has not been paid/ignored by your establishment. If you wish to keep using your schools system please contact us immediately.



How Does The SHARP System Enhance Student Safety and Wellbeing?

The SHARP System is a pivotal tool in enhancing student safety. It provides a confidential avenue for students to report concerns or incidents anonymously. This feature not only empowers students to speak up without fear of reprisal but also aids safeguarding officers in promptly addressing issues, thereby adhering to Ofsted guidelines and creating a safer, more responsive school environment.

What Makes The SHARP System a Preferred Choice Over Other Reporting Platforms?
  • Leading the way since 2007, The SHARP System stands out for schools due to its comprehensive approach to student safety and wellbeing. Here are key reasons why it’s preferred over other platforms:
  • Empowers Schools and Students: It’s a dynamic platform that enhances student safety through anonymous reporting, perfectly aligning with Ofsted guidelines to create a supportive and secure learning environment.
  • Easy to Use: The system is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing students to report issues without fear or pressure.
  • Ensuring Every Voice is Heard: It guarantees that every student gets a voice, ensuring no concern is overlooked or unheard.
  • Secure and Confidential: A dedicated staff member manages referrals, ensuring each report is handled with utmost care and responsiveness while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Customisable to Your School Brand: The SHARP System can be tailored to match your school’s colours and badge, and can even feature photos of familiar staff members, making it more relatable and recognisable to students.
  • Safe and Inclusive Environment: Since its inception in 2007, The SHARP System has been instrumental in transforming schools into safer and more inclusive environments.

Comprehensive Feature Set:

  • Anonymous Reporting: Encourages openness by allowing students to report concerns without revealing their identity.
  • Multiple Inboxes: Enables categorisation of reports for efficient management.
  • Email Notifications: Ensures timely action with automatic updates to admins.
  • Admin Panel: A robust dashboard for administrators to manage and monitor system activity.
  • Seamless Website Integration: For easy access and a consistent user experience.
  • Customisable Reporting Forms: Tailored to meet the specific needs of your school.
  • Design Flexibility: A variety of design options to align with your school’s aesthetics.
  • Media Support and External Links: Enhances reports with media and provides helpful resources.
  • Informative Posters: To educate students about the system’s usage.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Available on iOS and Android for accessibility on the go.
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear, straightforward costs with a one-off setup fee and annual subscription.
  • Multilingual Support: Catering to Welsh-speaking users and other non-English speakers.
  • Flexible Purchase Options: Both online and traditional invoice purchasing available.

These features collectively position The SHARP System as a versatile, user-friendly, and effective tool, making it the go-to choice for enhancing the safety and inclusivity of school environments.

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How Does The SHARP System Support a School’s Compliance with Ofsted Guidelines?

The SHARP System aids compliance with Ofsted guidelines by providing a structured and reliable platform for student reporting. It ensures that concerns are recorded, monitored, and addressed effectively, which is a key aspect of meeting Ofsted’s safeguarding criteria.

Is Training Required for Staff to Effectively Use The SHARP System?

The SHARP System is intuitive and user-friendly, requiring minimal training. However, comprehensive support and guidance materials are available to ensure staff can make the most of the system. Our team is also ready to provide additional training and support if required.

Why Do I Have to Click Accept to Gain Access to the Reporting System?

Clicking ‘Accept’ ensures you understand and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, which are essential for the confidentiality and integrity of the reports. Prior to entering the confidential reporting system you must accept or decline the terms and conditions of the reporting system. The information supplied will be used to stop the harm you have suffered or the harm you have seen – However, All organisations in this country are subject to the Data Protection Act which outline how your information can be used and stored.

By accepting the terms and conditions prior to submitting any information, you are agreeing to those principles and as a result ALL Referrals received through the sharp system will also come under the Data Protection Act principles. If you ‘decline’ then you will not have access to the confidential reporting system.


Who Can Order The SHARP System?

The SHARP System is available for order by a wide range of educational institutions committed to student safety and well-being. This includes:

Individual Schools: Whether primary, secondary, or higher education, individual schools can directly contact us to integrate The SHARP System into their safeguarding strategies.

Local Authorities and Private Companies: We also cater to local authorities and private organizations seeking to implement The SHARP System across multiple schools. This option is ideal for entities with plans to fund and enhance safety protocols in various educational settings.

For more information or to place an order, please visit our “Contact” page where you’ll find all the necessary details to get in touch with us.

Can The SHARP System Be Used Outside Secondary Schools?

Absolutely, The SHARP System is versatile and adaptable for a wide range of educational settings beyond secondary schools. This includes:

Primary Schools: Particularly suitable for Year 6 students, the system can be integrated into Citizenship lessons and other areas of the curriculum. However, we recommend it primarily for Year 5 and above due to the nature of the video content. It also serves as a valuable tool during the transition period to secondary education.

Specialist Schools and PRUs: The SHARP System can be tailored to meet the unique needs of specialist schools and Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), providing a supportive platform for students in these environments.

Colleges and Universities: For higher education institutions, the system offers crucial support to students as they navigate the challenges and transitions of further education. It’s an ideal resource to address the specific needs and concerns that arise in these settings.

The SHARP System’s flexibility allows it to be an effective tool in various educational contexts, ensuring student safety and well-being at all levels.

Who Deals With Any Community Issues or Information Received?

Information received is typically managed by designated staff members within the educational institution, such as safeguarding officers or counselors. 

The SHARP System is primarily designed for use within schools. If any information is received that falls outside the school’s remit, particularly concerning community issues, it can be appropriately forwarded to the local police liaison officer or the nearest police station. These authorities are equipped to handle such matters, ensuring that all concerns are addressed by the relevant and competent bodies.

Who Controls the System?

The system is controlled and managed by the school’s administrative staff, with access levels varying according to staff roles.

The platform is owned by Obitek Ltd.

How Do You Measure If the System Has Been Successful?

Success in the SHARP System can be gauged through various indicators. These include quantitative measures like the number of hits on the school’s homepage, the volume of referrals and information reports received, and more qualitative aspects such as the positive impact or ‘good feel’ factor it creates within the school community.

However, at its core, the true measure of the system’s success is its impact on individual lives. If the SHARP System prevents even one instance of bullying, encourages one person to reconsider their actions, or empowers one individual to speak out against wrongdoing, then it has achieved its fundamental purpose: providing a confidential means to protect and empower students.

The effectiveness of the SHARP System also hinges on its visibility and promotion within the school. Its success depends on ensuring that students are aware of the system and feel encouraged to use it.

Do the Schools Have to Create New Admin Procedures and Protocols?

Schools may need to adjust or create new administrative procedures to effectively integrate The SHARP System into their existing protocols.

Can the Local Community Use the System?

The primary users are students and staff, but in some cases, the system can be extended for use by the local community. This depends on the school’s policy.”

Can Parents Use the System?

Parents can use the system if the school decides to grant access, especially in cases where parent feedback or reporting is necessary.

Can I Change the Photograph on the Home Page?

Yes, you can customise the home page, including changing the photograph, to better reflect your school’s community. Yes – a nominated person at your school will be given a user name and password to access a Admin Panel which allows them to change the name of the person as and when its is required.

Can I Change the Name of the Person on the Home Page?

Absolutely, customisation options include changing names, titles, or any text on the home page to suit your school’s needs. The nominated person at your school will be given a user name and password to access a Admin Panel which allows them to change the name of the person as and when its is required.

Who Deals With the Referrals at the School?

Referrals received through The SHARP System are managed by designated staff members, who are typically safeguarding leads, counselors, or welfare officers. Schools have the flexibility to nominate any staff member as the point of contact for these referrals.

The handling of referrals from The SHARP System is akin to managing direct student reports. They are treated with the same level of seriousness and attention as if a student personally approached a staff member with a concern.

This approach leverages modern communication methods that resonate with today’s youth, ensuring that students feel comfortable and confident in reporting issues.

What is our school's statutory obligation in protecting students from bullying, and what steps should we take if a case is reported?

As school staff, it’s important to understand that you have a statutory duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students at all times. This includes taking proactive and effective measures to prevent and address bullying. If a case of bullying is reported, it’s crucial to respond promptly and satisfactorily. Should concerns arise about the adequacy of the school’s response, the local authority can be contacted for guidance and support, as they are responsible for ensuring schools fulfill their duty to protect students. It’s essential to have clear protocols in place and follow them diligently to maintain a safe and supportive school environment.

How Do I Link the System to My School?

Linking the system to your school involves a simple installation process, which our technical team can assist you with. 

Linking The SHARP System to your school is straightforward and quick. We will provide you with a webpage link, which your IT Manager can easily integrate into your school’s website. This process is efficient, typically taking only a few minutes.

Additionally, you have the option to add this link to the desktops of staff and student computers, ensuring that The SHARP System is readily accessible from every computer in your school. This setup also allows for access to the system both from home and within the school premises, enhancing its availability and convenience for all users.

What Is a Referral?

A referral is a report or notification made through The SHARP System, indicating a student’s concern or issue that needs attention.

Will Anyone Else Have Access to the Referrals?

Access to referrals is restricted to authorised personnel only, ensuring confidentiality and proper handling of sensitive information. Nobody will have access to any of the information sent through the confidential reporting system which are known as referrals.

All information will be delivered to the email address you supply when creating your system.

Can You Restrict Access to the System?

Access to the main feature of The SHARP System, which is the confidential reporting system, cannot be restricted by requiring user logins or usernames. Implementing such measures would compromise the anonymity of the users, a key aspect of the system. Anonymity is essential to encourage honest and open reporting, as users might hesitate to report if they are required to disclose their identities.

However, schools do have complete control over how they handle and respond to the referrals received through the system. This means that while the reporting process remains open and accessible to maintain user confidentiality, the school’s administrative staff can manage the follow-up actions and interventions based on these referrals in a controlled manner.

Are There Any Negatives to the System?

As of now, The SHARP System has not received any negative feedback or comments. Our primary aim is to deliver a comprehensive and effective solution. However, the impact of the system may vary depending on how it is implemented and the level of engagement from users. To ensure its ongoing effectiveness and address any potential concerns, we actively seek and incorporate continuous feedback and regularly update the system. This approach allows us to adapt and improve, striving to meet the evolving needs of our users effectively.

Are There Any Benefits to the System?

The SHARP System offers a multitude of benefits, primarily fostering an inclusive and safe educational environment. Key advantages include:

  • Promotes Inclusion and Safeguarding: It actively supports e-safety and provides a platform for students to report concerns, contributing to a more inclusive school culture.
  • Tool for the Whole School Community: The system serves as a valuable resource not just for students, but also for parents, teachers, and local residents to address school-related issues.
  • Encourages Open Communication: The presence of The SHARP System instills a positive atmosphere in schools by reassuring students that they have a confidential channel to voice their concerns whenever necessary.
  • Enhances Student Safety: Through its anonymous reporting feature, it ensures student safety is a top priority, allowing for discreet and effective communication of sensitive issues.
  • Streamlines Issue Resolution: The system simplifies the process of addressing and resolving issues, making it easier for school authorities to take timely and appropriate actions.
How Can I Promote the System in My School?

Every school has its unique approach, but the following strategies can be effective in promoting The SHARP System within your school:

  • Introduce The SHARP System during assemblies for each year group.
  • Ensure staff are well-informed about the system to raise awareness.
  • Utilise the school’s internal email system to inform students about The SHARP System.
  • Advertise The SHARP System on plasma TV screens around the school.
  • Inform parents about The SHARP System through letters.
  • Show students how to access The SHARP System at the end of IT lessons for the first few weeks.
  • Link The SHARP System to the school’s homepage.
  • Place The SHARP System icon on staff and student desktops in school.
  • Incorporate The SHARP System into Year 6 induction days.
  • Embed The SHARP System as a part of the school’s support infrastructure.
  • Highlight The SHARP System during parent evenings and open days.
  • Use school bulletins to raise awareness of The SHARP System.
  • Display posters around the school to highlight The SHARP System.
  • Place stickers on monitors in the ICT room as reminders of The SHARP System.

These methods can help ensure that The SHARP System becomes a well-known and accessible resource for the entire school community.