The SHARP System a versatile, user-friendly, and effective tool for enhancing the safety and inclusivity of organisational environments. Look at our features and pricing then compare us to our competitors.




Initial set up cost , which covers site creation, server setup, security and branding.



Cost after set up per annum covers hosting, maintance updares and support.



Anonymous Reporting: Allows students to report concerns without revealing their identity, ensuring privacy and encouraging openness.

Multiple Inboxes: Facilitates the categorisation of reports into different inboxes for streamlined management and response.

Email Notifications: Automatic notifications to admins for new reports or updates, ensuring timely attention and action.

Admin Panel: A comprehensive dashboard for administrators to manage reports, settings, and monitor system activity.

Website Integration: Easily installable on your existing school website for seamless access and user experience.

Account manager offering one to one support, guarantee issue resolution within 24 hrs.

Anonymous Reporting Forms: Customisable forms for students to submit their reports, tailored to the specific needs of your school.

Design Choices: A variety of designs available, allowing customization to align with your school’s branding and aesthetics.

Media Support and Pointer URLs: Enables the inclusion of supportive media in reports and provides URLs to external support services

Information Services Posters: Visual aids and posters to inform students about the system and how to use it effectively.

iOS and Android Apps: Mobile applications available for both iOS and Android devices for easy access on the go.

Welsh Language Integration: The system supports Welsh language, catering to the linguistic needs of Welsh-speaking users.

Multilingual Language Support: Available in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility for non-English speakers.

Online Purchase Option: Facilitates the convenience of online purchasing for immediate access and setup.

Invoice Purchase Option: Offers traditional invoice purchasing for schools preferring this method of payment.

We pride ourselves on being superior to our competitors, as we can have your system up and running online in just 48 hours




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