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The SHARP System (Student Help Advice Reporting Pathway System)

For Educational Excellence and Safety: The SHARP System is a trusted digital platform that empowers students to anonymously voice their concerns or report incidents, supporting safeguarding officers in adhering to Ofsted guidelines and fostering a secure, responsive school environment.

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350+ Schools

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Established 2007

Benefits Include...

Improved visibilty

Learn about issues that would otherwise be hidden from official channels

Reporting without fear

You get intelligence whilst your community can report without fearing consequences.

Fast Reports and replies

SHARP allows young people to report any incidents


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Primary/ Secondary
6th Form/ FE/ Universities
Anonymous reporting
Admin panel
iOS and Android Apps
One off setup cost
Welsh language integration
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Empower, Report, Connect

SHARP allows young people to report any incidents which occur within the school and local community anonymously and without fear. Aside from the reporting tool SHARP delivers educational content to raise awareness on a wide range of subjects including: Bullying, Health, Community Issues, Weapons and Hate Crime.